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Noritake Yoshino tableware
Published on
March 16, 2024

Modernize your tablescapes with luxurious Noritake dinnerware

Discover the elegance and luxury of dining with Noritake's exquisite dinnerware collections, where every meal becomes a celebration. Renowned for its premium quality and sophisticated designs, Noritake range of dinner sets priced between 50K to 80K is just the tablescape that has been missing from your best meals with your loved ones.

Rosa Basket - Tradition meets grace

Embrace the charm of the Rosa Basket collection, where traditional luxury meets seasonal versatility. Featuring watercolor-like paintings of roses, the symbol of affection and beauty, this collection boasts complementary red and green hues that illuminate each other, reminiscent of a rose garden. The geometric stripe at the edge, inspired by a basket, adds a sophisticated touch. Perfect for the holiday season, and safe for both dishwasher and microwave use, including the gold detailing, Rosa Basket is a testament to timeless elegance.

New Morning - Fresh start every day

Begin each day on a bright note with the New Morning collection. Inspired by the delicate flowers that bloom in the field, this collection is drawn on a pristine white palette, evoking the sensation of a fresh, wonderful morning. Bright and relaxing, this pattern is an invitation to a new beginning, every day. Also dishwasher and microwave safe, including the gold detailing, it's designed for everyday luxury.

Moonlit Blossoms - Modern femininity on your table

Introducing Moonlit Blossoms, a collection that captures the ethereal beauty of cherry blossoms under the moonlight. With aqueous design patterns formed by floating ink on water's surface, set against an abstract background, this collection brings a feminine yet modern style to your dining table. It's a blend of tradition and contemporary elegance, perfect for those who seek unique, statement-making dinnerware.

Noritake's range doesn't end here. Discover more treasures within our collections, such as Menorca Palace, Crestwood Cobalt Gold, Crestwood Cobalt Platinum, and Royal Blossom. Each collection offers a unique story and aesthetic, making your table setting truly special. Whether it's a family dinner or a festive gathering, Noritake brings luxury and beauty to every moment.

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