Masterpiece Collections

Art and Craftsmanship

Noritake Masterpiece Collection 瑞雲鳳凰文

Noritake's Masterpiece Collection was created without compromise by combining all the technology and skills cultivated since our founding.

Masterpiece Collection Queen’s Garden

Queen’s Garden [29 piece Tea Set]  The brilliance of life, with beautiful flowers in full bloom and fruits giving off a fragrance, is the joy of life itself. The world is so dazzling that you can forget about your daily life. Like the name meaning "Queen's Garden," the feeling of exhilaration is as if you were lost in a noble garden full of dignity. Sophisticated form and lustrous decoration attract the love of beautiful things.

Noritake 金銀彩鳳凰文

Gold and silver phoenix [24 piece Tea Set]  A phoenix soaring in the background of the starry sky. Wabi-Sabi in four seasons that colours it. A magnificent and sophisticated world was born in the white porcelain universe, which condensed the essence of “Japonism”. A dream myth born from the breathing of the phoenix, who is said to be the king of those with feathers, and the space-time of heaven. Your mind will leave your daily life and you will be taken to an infinite world that extends far away.