How to care

Noritake is renowned for designing and manufacturing the highest quality tableware. Quality porcelain and bone china are fired at the highest temperature to form the strongest dinnerware. Though your porcelain or bone china is extremely durable, it is still breakable if mistreated. Below is a helpful guide for looking after your Noritake.

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Care advice dinnerware

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Temperature Change

Avoid any sudden temperature change, such as putting a hot item into cold water. The heat temporarily softens metal such as gold or platinum. Let your dinnerware cool down before handling.

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After removing your tableware from storage you may need to polish the gold or platinum ring. Oxidation or discolouration can build up on the trim if left exposed to air, water/moisture and heat. We recommend removing the tarnish with a metal polishing kit.

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Flame Use

Don’t put anything metal, such as the gold or platinum band on formal dinnerware, in the microwave oven. Never expose your dinnerware to direct flame, such as top burners of a gas stove.

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Scratching and scuffs

Though your Noritake is protected with a high and quality glaze, hard pressure from cheap cutlery can still cause scratching and scuffs. To remove these marks make a paste with baking soda and a little warm water, and wipe until the marks disappear.

  • Use the fine china or delicate cycle on your dishwasher and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Avoid liquid detergents that are lemon-scented or contain bleach, as the acids in these ingredients can be harsh on the surface of the tableware.
  • We recommend using liquid detergent over powder or tablets.
  • Avoid overloading as this can lead to items rubbing or colliding.
  • Use a small amount of detergent and ensure your tableware is completely rinsed.
  • Soak your pieces in hot soapy water for roughly one hour to loosen and remove any adhesive stickers.